Our Story

Located in Caledonia Township in Kent County, Michigan, our shop remains family owned. Ken’s Repair started in this location in 1990, offering services to multiple generations of customers.

James K Jones, also known as Ken started out farming, bartending and driving semi trucks as a young man. Over the years on the family farm he began working on farm equipment and vehicles. Repairing the farm equipment sparked his interest in the trade. Ken became a certified mechanic and worked at a variety of shops including large shops like Duthler Ford and small shops like Bobs Engine Repair located right here in Caledonia. He finally decided he wanted to own his own shop around 1990. So he purchased the property that is now known as Ken’s Auto Repair Plus. In July of 2019 Kendra & Allen Jousma (daughter and son-in-law to Ken) bought Ken’s Repair. Business remains operating in the same capacity as it has for the last 30 years!

Ken’s Repair has a large number of loyal customers that have been serviced here a couple hundred times in their lifetime! Now that is loyalty! At Ken’s Repair we offer more than just cost efficient vehicle repairs. Our customers have stuck with us for our honesty and dedication to customer satisfaction. Our motto is “if you don’t need it, you ain’t gettin’ it”, and this couldn’t be more true. If you ask any of our regular customers they will tell you honestly, we won’t do work that isn’t necessary unless it is requested by the customer. Here you will get an honest estimate of work and we will even tell you if you can save money elsewhere. Ken’s Repair is a very friendly atmosphere we are here to do business with you that is mutually beneficial to customer and company.