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Saving Time and Money


Changing Your own Oil

Changing your vehicle’s oil is a simple and fairly quick process you can easily do from home.

Please take note from your vehicle manual what type of oil and filter you will be needing.

Do not forget your vehicle should be cool before changing your oil so that you don’t burn yourself.

Things you will need:

Oil Pan


Oil Filter


Oil Filter Wrench

First, you want to look under your car and find the oil pan and the oil pan plug which is a large nut(plug). Once located place an oil pan underneath it and twist off the oil plug with a rag and quickly remove your hand out of the way.

Next you will want to locate your oil filter. Many vehicles oil filters can be reached from the top of the engine under your hood, however there are also several vehicles you will need to remove the filter from underneath. To remove the filter all you have to do is simply remove the cap with your filter wrench and then twist the filter off counterclockwise. There will be some old oil in your filter when you remove it so be careful not to spill it and empty it in your oil pan. If there are any remnants of the filter’s seal left on the engine you will need to remove it.

You may now use the oil to lubricate the gasket on the new filter. Once your filter is lubricated, install the new filter by twisting it in clockwise about ¾ of a turn past when it is in position. Replace your oil plug back into the pan and make sure it is tight.

You will pour the new oil into your vehicle via the filler hole using a funnel. Start your vehicle up for about a min and check for any leaks. Then, turn off your vehicle and let it sit for a few mins to allow the oil to settle and use the dipstick to check your oil levels. If everything is looking good take your vehicle for a short test drive, let it cool down for a few minutes and check your oil levels one last time.

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